Essay on Bullying in the Work Environment

Essay on Bullying in the Work Environment

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The workforce is diminishing because of the economy. Factories have been moving out of Ohio limits causing major problems. As a result employers are forced to introduce LEAN onto the work floor. After all, work is work not a vacation in paradise. This is causing twice the work load on the employees, which is causing stress and pressure at the work station. The employers are allowing bullying as part of the normal work environment, because they feel it motivates the employee’s to do their best on their jobs. The perpetrators claims that they are the victim, not the one that does the bullying. Most bullying cases is related to poor management skills, and lack of self-confidence. Harassment is escalating into bullying among the employees, which relates to some health issues. No one knows what stress is occurring in their home lives.

Employers were forced to keep up with the competitive world so they introduced what they call; Lean Manufacturing and The Environment (LEAN) in to the workplace. “Lean manufacturing is a business model and collection of tactical methods that emphasize eliminating non-value added activities (waste) while delivering quality products on time at least cost with greater efficiency”(EPA, 2012). LEAN, is being implemented locally as we speak. The definition to LEAN is the 5’s. The five S means: sort, set, shine, standardize, and sustain. They are using this in order to save cost and cut jobs. This has caused bad attitudes in management and employees. The work ethic is also causing pressure and stress on the employees in being quick, sufficient, and causing the employees to not even want to be at work.

These issues have caused stress and mental abuse to Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of huge company’s forcing ...

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