Essay on Bullying and Teen Suicide

Essay on Bullying and Teen Suicide

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Lives are slowly being lost due to suicide and not only is it affecting themselves but also the people who are around them. Suicide is defined as taking of one’s own life and it is an issue that should be given all attention to. Teen suicide has been talked about in every source of media and it still continues to have a harmful effect in todays generation. In the United States the eighth leading cause of death is suicide, within developing teens, suicide is the third leading cause of their deaths (NAMI). There are many signs of someone who is contemplating suicide. And there are many reason for someone to be driven to the point of suicide. Those reasons being if the teenager is dealing with depression, bullying, sexual abuse and abuse of paraphernalia. Ways we could prevent situations this from occurring as often as they come now is if we were more accepting to everybody.
Drug and alcohol abuse, stress, and reckless behavior are also common warning signs; another warning sign is if the person has thought or has attempted suicide. Just because someone attempts to commit suicide once does not necessarily guarantee that they will try to do it again. Symptoms of suicide can easily be detected; therefore, suicide can be prevented. Recognizing the warning signs is the easiest

way to prevent someone from committing suicide. Antidepressants, support groups, and therapy are some helpful solutions to keep people from committing suicide. It is extremely inaccurate to believe that once someone contemplates suicide, there is no way to stop them from killing themselves.
We should concerned about youth suicide because it is easily preventable but yet it occurs frequently. Bullying is one of the more common reason someone would be come...

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...Everyone who is affected by this have to all come together and think of a plan that can help stop bullying. People do not understand how terrible it feels to get bullied until it happens to them. So it is up to us to put a stop to it. There are a lot of number of myths revolving around the topic of teenage suicide when the myths are understandable and made clear it is easier for people to get a better understanding of teen suicide and how to deal with it. Many people have come to believe that you cannot tell when someone is contemplating suicide. They also usually believe that suicide cannot be prevented and assume that every person that commits or has contemplated committing suicide was suffering from some form of depression.
This could be easily preventable if schools enforced the prohibition of any type of bullying they encounter.

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