Budget Cuts And Mental Health Care For Prisoners Essay

Budget Cuts And Mental Health Care For Prisoners Essay

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Budget cuts in prison are affecting mental health care for prisoners. Budget cuts are eating away the funding for mental health care "police officers in Reno with mental health counselors to reach out to the mentally ill, whether they’ve committed crime, are a threat to themselves, or could be in the future ,and are Already starved for services, troubled citizens sometimes tumble into homelessness and alcoholism and tussle violently with police, who are usually ill-equipped to help them"(Kihmm). They will not be able to receive the proper medication they need. These inmates that are ill are just finding bad ways to not feel the sickness they have. Most of the ex cons just go back to jail, because of there mental illness. There untreated mental illness made them end up violating parole. There 's really no point on letting the untreated inmates out of prison , because there just wasting money on bringing them back to jail. This is bringing danger to the people, because there 's sick ex cons out there, and who knows what there capable of. They could easily hurt people and not even know there doing it. Prisons must find a way to treat these sick inmates and ex cons, because if they don’t then whatever these men do could fall back on them.

Budget cuts in prison are taking away the valuable jobs of the prison guards, parole officers, and other state corrections employees. This would be eliminated as part of a proposed budget-cutting plan, "Executive director of the Texas department of criminal justice, warned that the $294.3 million in cuts requested by state leaders, will likely increase recidivism, cause significant growth in the prison population, negatively impact both supervision in the community and security within our insti...

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... towards the prisoners because they are not able to use the resources they are suppose to be given. Environmentalists will not fund prisons, because they are trying to save all of the prisoners resources(water, gas, and electricity). Nobody will fund a prison because of this economically unstable towards themselves and their companies. Prisons will never be able to save money, because they will always worry about paying water bills, electric bills, gas bills, and making sure each individual in the prison gets their 3 meals a day. Also that each and every single staff member will be getting paid the full amount they deserve. Also prisons will have to worry about money, because of all the programs they have going on in these prisons to help the needs of prisoners. With these programs being cut the prisoners wont get any of the things in takes to survive in the u.s.

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