Brief Quiz On Your First Assignment Aims Help You Build Some Good Habits

Brief Quiz On Your First Assignment Aims Help You Build Some Good Habits

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The brief quiz in your first assignment aims to help you build some good habits in your data analysis process. Let 's take a look at what they are:
Q1: Specify whether the study you aim to examine is an independent event or not. That is, whether the result of Event B is an consequence of Event A.
The results of your judgment or assumption would directly affect on what test you want to use in your study. For example, in a study of the relationship between property damage and willingness to participate in community recovery project post-Hurricane Ike, you can split the residents into four groups--damaged and participated, damaged but not participated, not damaged but participated, and neither damaged nor participated. If you assume this is an independent event between property damage and recovery project participation, you can feel free to include all of the four groups and run a chi-square test or correlation test. However, if you recognize that it is not an independent event (e.g., without the happens of the property damaged, there will be a low chance that a community recovery project would be endorsed), two of those four groups--damaged and participated and neither damaged nor participated--would tell us nothing about the relationship between these two variables. Then, we can only use a McNemar 's test to obtain a resealable result from the other two groups.

Q2: In the RESULTS section, always draw your conclusions based on your data.
Unless you can study in every single case existed in the world, the inference methods are the heart of a scientific study. The RESULTS section is where in your report/article you propose your reasoning process by reporting the values, revealing the evidence, judging the explanatory power (e.g., c...

... middle of paper ...

... kinds of possible reasons in interpreting your results, or explore possible impacts extending from your results, or clarify the limitations of your study. All of your efforts in the DISCUSSIONS section aim to help your audience better understand your results and contribute to the future research. In short, the logic is that, in the RESULTS section, you should make your decision and probably need to claim the criminal is not guilty because you do not have confidential evidence. However, you should state your reasons about why the criminal is "not guilty" instead of "innocence" and specify all kinds of possibility that the future efforts should be made to support or to overthrow your conclusions in the DISSCUSIONS section. Therefore, option A, B, and C in Q8 and Q9 are reasonable to be stated in the DISCUSSION section but are inadequate to be part of your RESULTS.

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