The Negative Effects Of Juvenile Jails

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This isn’t always true, there some horrible consequences because of it like suicide. “Juvenile jails are a less punishable place than adult prisons and are more forgiving” (Bechtold). When you start to treat a kid like how you treat an adult, when they come out they 're not normal because how people have treated them throughout most of their lives. research has shown that “kids develop better criminal skills when they 're incarcerated in adult facilities”(Bechtold). This is a big negative effect because this is why the US department of corrections say “in prison the reconviction of kids is from 14-17 years is 82.1 percent”(Bechtold). This shocked me because this age group is the highest reconviction rate among all age groups. They think they’re not going to get caught…show more content…
This shows how instead of having kids get rehabilitated in an a jail it is actually harming them. In adult prisons, “they are also kids that are in for minor crimes. They should not be in adult prison but instead in juvenile facilities where they can be rehabilitated”(Bechtold). This might be linked to the color of skin of a kid because judges think they are dangerous. “Out of all the juveniles, 32.1 percent of them in adult prisons reported being attacked with a weapon while being incarcerated. This could led to many juvenile deaths”(Bechtold). This fact is important because instead of being rehabilitated they are fighting for their lives. They come out thinking everyone is out to hurt them because of what they have endured during the time the have been in prison.Lisa Poliak, author of Teen Crime Adult Time Each Year, Thousands of Juvenile Offenders are Sent to Prison. Does the Practise Discourage Criminal Behavior- Or is it Cruel and Unusual Punishment?,did a case of a kid named Jason
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