Essay about BREEAM’s Role in Environmentally Friendlier Buildings

Essay about BREEAM’s Role in Environmentally Friendlier Buildings

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Integrative project 2: Final Essay
BREEAM’s role in environmentally friendlier buildings

This essay will focus on what BREEAM is, how it can help individuals and businesses realise the benefits and value of designing and operating a sustainable building. It’s a set of standards and certification schemes that measures sustainable value in the built environment. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology and it’s a global sustainability standard and rating system for buildings. BREEAM is used as a ‘label’ on over 200000 buildings and is currently being applied to clients in over 50 different countries on 40000 projects. The BREEAM mark provides clients and the market with a clear statement about the quality of the building and its environmental performance.

‘The objectives of BREEAM are stated as:
-To distinguish buildings of reduced environmental impact in the marketplace.
- To encourage best environmental practice in building design, operation, management and maintenance.
- To set criteria and standards going beyond those required by law and regulations.
-To raise awareness of owners, occupiers, designers and operators of the benefits that a building with reduced environmental impact (John Holmes et al,. 2001).’

Brief Description of the building:
The Cooper Callis building on Paradise Street will house a number of different faculties and these are arranged to maximise both functionality and flexibility. This plot previously contained a five-story construction, which did not have any practical use. There is also a road and river/stream on the face of the building, the road being a key access points for transport.

Basic Description of the project:
The site will have demolition d...

... middle of paper ...

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