Branch Ricky: The Man who Changed it All

Branch Ricky: The Man who Changed it All

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The Man who Changed it All
“In October, of 1945, Branch Ricky, then president of the Brooklyn Dodgers, singed Robinson to play for the Montreal Royals, a Brooklyn farm club in the international league. Despite several incidents in spring training in the south and many inconveniences during the season, Robinson,- the first African American ballplayer in that league- excelled as a second baseman and won the league batting crown (Jackie Robinson).” Branch Ricky took a big gamble on Robinson and it paid off big. Jackie Robinson was an amazing athlete who overcame adversity to become the first black to play in the league.
Born Jack Roosevelt Robinson, Jackie grew up in California. He stood out as an athlete in high school and college (Jackie Robinson). In the 1940’s, Jackie left the army, where he then started to play in the Negro leagues. The Negro League was for blacks because before Branch signed Robinson there were no blacks allowed in the majors (Damio, Christy). Jackie was an inspiration to many other blacks dreaming of making it big in the majors. Though he would become most well-known for baseball, he also developed a wide reputation for basketball, football, and track at the University of California, in L.A, while he was there between 1939-1941 (Jackie Robinson).
Jackie Robinson was an amazing athlete. “In 1949 he won the National League batting crown, hitting .342, and was named the NL’s most valuable player (Jackie Robinson).” Jackie was also the first black to ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962(Jackie Robinson). During Jackie’s first year, he scored a total of 125 runs and had the most stolen bases in the National League—29 (Damio, Christy). Because of that he was named Rookie of the Year. In 1949 he was also MVP then in 1955 he helped the Dodgers win the World Series (Damio, Christy). His success is what leads him into the Hall of Fame. Since he was the first black in the Hall of Fame it opened up a door for other ethnicities to be able to do the same thing. Jackie knew that it’d be hard to get where he was and he never stopped until he did.
“Jackie knew that it’d be tough. Many people, even some of his own teammates, were angry to see a black man on the team. But Jackie ignored the attacks and played his best. He knew that it was the only way for him (and future black players) to be accepted (Damio, Christy).

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” Jackie knew just how hard it would be to achieve his goals. Segregation was big in the world during this time making it hard for him to find places to stay while they traveled. One day in Ohio people were being racist while Jackie was on the field. Pee Wee Reese, the Dodgers captain, came out and gave him words of comfort, and a small embrace. Pee Wee didn’t want people to hate Jackie because of his color. To this day a statue of Pee Wee and Jackie stand in Brooklyn (Damio, Christy). Jackie retired in 1957, but all his hard work made it so other blacks could play as well. Jackie broke the color barrier which, in a way, helped end segregation.
“Banned from organized Baseball, black Americans responded by developing their own teams and leagues outside the white structure (Rubinstein, William).”He became a leader in that league which led him being let in to the Majors. Jackie was, and still is a hero to many blacks around the world for his courage. Though, he is not only a role model for blacks, but anybody who loves the sport.
By being the first black in MLB, he overcame adversity and will always be known as an amazing athlete. Branch’s gamble not only paid off for him, but for blacks all around. Although Jackie is now dead, he will always be known for his extreme courage to do what no black man had ever done before. Jackie is one of the most well-known players in baseball and will stand as a role model for all who love the sport. He loved baseball and played despite all that he was put through. He shaped baseball’s history for the better. Jackie really was The Man who Changed it All.

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