The Body Sensor Network ( Bsn ) Essay

The Body Sensor Network ( Bsn ) Essay

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In m-health regime, body area network (BAN) plays essential roll to provide the personalised medical service. BAN is one of geographical computer network terms that is able to monitor the vital signs of the human body and its surrounding environment using embedded devices inside of the body, surface-mounted on the body, or carrying in different position such as hand, in clothes pockets, or bags cite{movassaghi2014wireless,bangash2014survey,jovanov2011body}. Due to BAN enables communications between devices in or around a human body, it has been used as the fundamental architecture of many telehealth researches.

BAN is often called as body sensor network (BSN). When it employs wireless technology, it is called as wireless body sensor network (WBSN), wireless body area network (WBAN), and to a lesser extent, body area wireless sensor network (BAWSN) cite{brandao2012abstracting}. When they accommodate actuators into the architecture, it is specifically called as body sensor and actuator network (BSAN) and wireless body sensor and actuator network (WBSAN) with a wireless connection.

Due to these ambiguous terms, it needs to clarify a nomenclature standpoint. The wearable adaptive biofeedback (WAB) framework accommodates actuators for autonomous feedback capability in the architecture, thus BSN does not represent our system and BSAN may confuse with body area sensor network (BASN). Moreover, The WAB framework can work in wired and wireless environments that WBAN and BAWSN are too specific for our framework. Therefore, BAN in this thesis defines as "the network sensor and actuator within the limits of the human body area regardless of wired and/or wireless environments."

As we discussed, BAN enables communications between devices ...

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...s can play as a cDAQ in Tier 1, as well as a base station of Tier 2.

extbf{Tier 3}, Extra-BAN, can send locally collected data to the appropriate destination such as emergency medical centre, authorised doctors, and professional therapists via widely spread communication infrastructure including the Internet. This Tier 3 accommodates with wide area network (WAN) or global area network (GAN) that is able to provide the medical service regardless of distance. Tier 3 also includes medical database which can store big data and analyse to detect abnormalities based on user 's activity and vital signs unobtrusively in the real time as well as long term period.

The rest of this section will discuss based on the existing telehealth project in terms of communication technologies, sensors, and actuators. The lists that we discusses are shown in Table ef{tab:chapter2:BAN}.

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