Wireless Communication Security

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Wireless Communication Security Abstract In today’s society advances in technology are growing rapidly. Businesses and people are taking full advantage of the improving ways of transmitting data internally and externally. One of the mediums today in transmitting data is via wireless communication systems. It is obvious that this data will need to be secure for many reasons. These will be the questions I will pose in this paper. Will this be a secure means of transmitting data? How sure are we of the means of security that we have available to us as consumers of this technology? The answers to these questions will be in a form of an opinion that I will have developed myself. I am not qualified to give a determination. I hope one day with continuing my education and work experience I will develop that qualification. Introduction This research paper is on a very important topic (Wireless Communication Security). The security of wireless communication is becoming more critical in today’s society and its future as well. While the technology is rapidly growing, businesses and people are eager to embrace the technology and use it to become more competitive in the business world and even more convenient with daily use in the personal setting. The question concerning this fast growing technology will be the issue of security and the integrity of the data being transferred over these systems. In most cases, having this data seen by someone other than the client that it is intended for could be detrimental in both cases (professionally and personally). For example if you have certain financial account numbers that are exposed, this could result in catastrophic problems. If a business has some protected... ... middle of paper ... ...y of 802.11 Retrieved June 22, 2003, From: Galileo, Computer and Information Systems Abstracts, http://neptune3.galib.uga.edu/cgi-bin/hompage.cgi d NASA Advanced Super Computing Division Category Development, Class public, Revision 3.0. 09-13-02 Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from: http://www.nas.nasa.gov/Groups/Networks/Projects/wireless/index.html William A. Arbaugh, YC Justin Wan, Naren Aar Shankar, 03-30-01 Your 802.11 wireless networks has no clothes University of Maryland Department of CSIS Retrieved July 8, 2003, From: http://www.cs.umd.edu/~waa/wireless.pdf Sultan Weatherspoon, Security (Intel)Intel Technology Journal Retrieved July 8, 2003, From: http://developer.inte.com/technology/itj/q2200/articles/art_5.htm Henry Norr, 2001, Security Fix for Wireless Retrieved July 8, 2003, From: http://sfgate.com/cgi_bin/article.cgi?file

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