Body : Arguments And Evidence Essay

Body : Arguments And Evidence Essay

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Body: Arguments and evidence
For my research I was able to receive mostly positive opinions of the teachers from themselves and their students. For all the students they agreed that their teachers cared about them and were involve with learning instead of just standing up in a room and teaching. Roorda’s article explains how a teachers involvement is key: “Teachers can support these needs by showing involvement (i.e., caring for and expressing interest in the student), (i.e., giving students freedom to make their own choices and showing connections between schoolwork and students’ interests)” ( Roorda etc. 495). “MS: Do you feel prefer a teacher who is latino/a like you or it doesn’t matter? The students agreed that Ms. Hartt showed interest in teaching their class and was happy to be there “ SA: I think she 's an amazing teacher in my opinion, she really tries to connect with us and tries to make us understand everything she is teaching us. She always brings everyone into the conversation to say what they 're thinking and there opinions on the topic we are learning about”. Having students tell you ho much a teacher cares about them shows more than data and numbers that the school or other officials receive from sources outside the system. Ms. Hartt came from a Caucasian family and school due to her education being a private and then a white public university as Humboldt university, we could say that her race and history would make her one of the teachers to not care for these students and show lack of motivation towards her teaching but to the students her involvement dominates her race being different. 
 History has shown us that we tend to listen to a person who comes from a similar background as ourselves. Ms. Hartt tells ...

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...e complete opposite of the students. Cummin’s tells us in his article how important a teachers communication can be: “Educators, however, communicate to students and parents in a variety of ways the extent to which the minority language and culture are valued within the context of the school. Even within a monolingual school context, powerful messages can be communicated to students regarding the validity and advantages of language development.” (Cummins 26).
The education system today needs more teachers who are willing to put race, gender and economic status behind and see each student as a member of our society who is facing more barriers culturally than the ones they have faced. Their support shapes the mindset that the students have towards other groups of people who unfortunately see and will see minorities like themselves to be less than in society.

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