Black Panther Party And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

Black Panther Party And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Black Panther Party were one the most famous black power movement that was organize in the late 1960s. Invent by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, they wanted to stop the oppression of the black community from white business owners, governments, and the police. At first, the moment originally called the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense to utilize the Party’s beliefs from the domineering nonviolent campaign of the Civil Rights Movement. Additionally, the Black Panther Party develop the Ten-Point program, which disclose the major conflicts that were detrimental to the black communities and also explains the wants and needs for the Black masses in America. Some of these Ten-Point program were freedom, full employment, end to robbery of Black communities, decent housing, education for the people, free health care, end to police brutality and murder, end to all wars of aggression, and freedom for all political prisoners. In addition, the program express of the needs and to oppression against black America to start immediately. The Black Panther were consider tenacious for fighting the civil right movement, although they were face with brutality and racism from police officers. Black communities were getting weary of just looking and listen, thus the Panther offer a revolutionary political vision to fight against the government. Although the Black Panther movement may have seem successful to some of the Black communities, the FBI was determine to put an end the organization.

The Black Panther Party were calling out the complete termination of any forms of oppression against black Americans by proposing revolution as a resort. For instance, one of the founding members, Bobby Seale, walked into the California legislature fully armed to...

... middle of paper ... to liberate black communities from oppression through other method than marching and shouting at the government. The Black Party revolution ways inspired different nation and ethnicity to fight in what they believe in. They did not only want to oppression for the black community, but as well for the poor. In addition, programs created to help the black community in their most vulnerable state. Although their revolution ways were being effective through black America, FBI seen them as a threat to national security. Tactics, negative propaganda, and infiltration was develop by the authorities and FBI agency to put a halt to the operations of the Black Panther Party. Eventually, the FBI prevail over the Black Panthers by arresting their top leaders. Although the Black Panther Party had unorthodox methods, they are still consider a major part of the Black Power era.

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