Black Power

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In the late 20th century there were many problems that began to arise in America. Just to list a few the war in Vietnam is raging, the hippie movement of peace and love, and enormous amounts of civil rights activist groups going at full blast. At this particular time though the was has taken its toll on all of American citizens. They have are all beginning to question its purpose, the hippies have basically dwindled down from the who knows how many STDs and free concerts gone wrong, but the one question that is still in the back of nearly everyone's mind is when will everyone be granted the same rights? When will the segregation and discrimination end? Civil rights activist such as Martin Luther King Jr. and other nonviolent civil rights groups have had some success but the changes made were slow and far between. Such groups for instance the Black Panthers did not believe in this nonviolent approach and thought that they would receive their rights in the fashion that they wanted by expressing 'Black Power” as they called it. In the whole scheme of things the Black Power and largely black radical movement had its ups and down, rights and wrongs, and its successes and failures.
During the late 1960's civil rights is becoming a largely pressing issue all across America. Many American citizens at this point have been told equal rights are on the way and that there will be great changes to come to the country. Tyson even states “We are runaway slaves from our own past, and only by turning to face the hounds can we find our freedom beyond them.” (Tyson). He is saying something has to be done in order to have this freedom. The black community has to stand up and face the challenges that are placed in front of them. The push for these...

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...many obstacles for the average citizen to overcome but hopes were still high. This high hope and idea of American the land of the free actually being truly free was what kept the black radicals and even the white supporters of the civil rights movement and the desegregation of the nation going. The successes of providing more confidence and security to the black citizens gave a good look to the nation and what everyone was looking forward too but facing the failures of some of the Black Power movement was devastating. With the successes and failures of Black Power in mind questions come about. Questions such as what would have happened if Malcom X or the Black Panthers were never brave enough to speak out or what would America be like without this push for Black Power and only the nonviolent attempts were made? Would America the land of the free be what it is today?
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