The Black Hole Of Advancement Essay

The Black Hole Of Advancement Essay

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Black Hole of Advancement
The speed of technological advancement is causing adaptation to occur throughout the world. Basic everyday electronics are developing more complexity as time goes on. Invention after invention sweeping the nation, causing bursts of excitement and curiosity. Gadgets are becoming a means of intelligence, entertainment and, in a way, companionship. Is technology propelling society to fall deeper into a chasm or is it launching us into a higher plane of existence? Generations of children have been growing up in a world where technology is prominent. Six-year-olds are using complex electronics more often and at a much higher efficiency than their supervisors. It is how they have grown up. As those technology savvy kids grow older, they become attached. They are more interested in the devices they can hold than the human interaction in which they can engage. Tearing this generation away from their means of comfort is very difficult, if not, impossible. Walking through the crowds of school hallways, it is a guarantee that you will see a large amount of students with their smart phones in their hands, eyes glued to the screen. It is they key distraction to every young person 's education.
School systems have to keep up with the advances of its students. The thought process and interests of the modern day student differ from that of a student before the time of technology. Due to the growing technology addiction, “school officials believe the electronic materials will get students more involved in learning”(Rostein). People are comfortable with what they know. Since so much of the learner 's time is already taken up by the technology that they use, they may feel more inclined to complete school work if it is on...

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...ll up an assignment on their phones, it is much harder for the teacher to know if the students are legitimately accomplishing work. Chances are, they are using their phone, not for learning, but for personal entertainment such as texting, social media, music, games and more causing a chaotic and unsuccessful learning environment. Distractions like this can interfere with the information students are required to obtain.
With every pro, there is a con. When contemplating the use of certain technologies in a classroom, the school and the district should ask itself, is it worth it? Is the pro good enough to make peace with the con? Enhancing the learning experience and atmosphere of a classroom is very important for a school to do to make sure the people who attend are getting the most out of their experiences. Well monitored technology use can make learning unlimited.

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