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The Birds By Daphne Du Maurier Essay

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In today’s society, individuals have the need to feel superior in situations where they do not necessarily comprehend the circumstances. In order to have a sense of normality, they make up explanations to compensate for their lack of knowledge. The characters in Daphne Du Maurier’s “The Birds” take on this style of thinking when a plethora of birds mysteriously appear in the sky. The main character, Nat, warns his family and neighbors of the deadly potential of the birds which was demonstrated to him one afternoon. Once the birds begin to attack, Nat and his family must proceed to protect themselves. With reason and logic thrown into the air, the characters in the story fill themselves with false confidence in order to convince themselves that they understand what is occurring. Consequently, the neighbors negligent of the caveat, die after a second round of the attacks. As the story ends, Nat is trapped in his boarded house, patiently waiting for any sign of possible survival in his dying world. It is a combination of these characters along with the isolation brought on by suspense and the birds that the author displays her message. In the horror story "The Birds," author Daphne Du Maurier utilizes the characterization of Nat and Trigg, suspense through isolation, and the symbolism of the birds to illustrate that when faced with danger, a human 's instinctive ability to reason fails due to confusion and fear in an attempt to survive.
Undoubtedly, one way of human survival is to blame situations on others in order to solve a problem right away. During the Cold War, many Europeans liked to blame the Soviet Union for random situations solely because everyone else did it. Du Maurier uses the birds in the story to symbolize the parano...

... middle of paper ...

...ricted that he dropped all the rationality to it, and embraced insanity in order to survive. By the virtue of suspense, isolation made the people of Cornwall lose their minds due to them not being able to feel comfortable in their own homes. Finally, the birds themselves represent paranoia and false assumptions people made in the Cold War. Unlike the explanations displayed in this story, not all justifications are bad. Only when they are exclusively used for situations that do not need them, do they become problematic. In cases like so, it is best to accept a problem for how it is rather than assuming the details. The public’s need to provide explanations for unknown situations is part of human nature. As fascinating as it might be, humanity will never truly stop this habit. In the end, society’s need to label the unknown will end up consuming them if not controlled.

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