The Birds By Daphne Du Maurier Literary Analysis

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Literary Analysis Essay Draft Never underestimate nature for it is beautiful but has a dark and dangerous side. In “The Birds” by Daphne Du Maurier we get detailed passages that give us a more visual picture on how nature can be destructive in even the most bizarre ways. Imagery is a massive part of this story, the story gives thorough details and uses a lot of figurative language that help the reader picture the scenes. In the story, “The Birds” Daphne du Maurier uses brilliant imagery to successfully have the reader visualise and have a deeper understanding of the story. The author, Daphne Du Maurier includes many great descriptions that allow the reader to have a greater understanding of the events in the story. An example where the author, Daphne Du Maurier writes a detailed passage is when she writes,”the figure of the farmer silhouetted on the driving seat, the whole machine and the man upon it would be lost momentarily in the great cloud of wheeling, crying birds”(52). This passage provides the reader with a clear description of what the main character, Nat is seeing. The author creates an image in the reader's…show more content…
Imagery tends to be a gateway to experiencing the story in a more imaginative way. One way Du Maurier helps the reader grasp knowledge of events that will occur towards the end is when she writes,” The sky was hard and leaden, and the brown hills that had gleamed in the sun the day before looked dark and bare. The East wind like a razor, stripped the trees, and the leaves crackling and dry shivered and scattered with the winds blast. Black winter has descended in one single night”(55). This passage informs the reader about the season and foreshadows harsh times by using imagery and the phrase “black winter”. By foreshadowing using imagery the author gives the reader a better understanding of how the weather has an effect on the theme of the
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