Essay on The Biodiversity Of The Indian River Lagoon

Essay on The Biodiversity Of The Indian River Lagoon

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Biodiversity is the measure of the variety of different numbers of organism can be affected by many environmental, as well as human factors. This specific study measured how different depths affect the biodiversity in the Indian River Lagoon.

In the month of October, specifically, the knee depth had an H’ value of 0.35, the waist depth had an H’ value of 0.65 and the chest depth had an H’ value of 0.67. The knee depth had a greater number of different species of fish, as well as a higher number of fish caught in general. But, the chest deep had a higher H’ meaning that the species richness is higher in that area than the others. The species evenness for each depth followed the same trend in that the knee depth had the lowest value, while the chest depth had the highest value. Comparatively, in the month of November the trend seemed to be the same as in October except the H’ values for each depth increased but the number of species caught decreased across the board. The only difference is that the total number of fish caught decreased for the knee and chest depth but increased for the waist depth. The species evenness for the chest depth was almost equal to 1 because the theoretical richness yield was close to the actual species richness (H’).
When concerning a study on seagrass diversity, it was reasoned that biodiversity increased in the Indian River Lagoon the more farther out one got from the shore because of the difference in species number as one gets to the submerged plants category (Dawes 59). The hypothesis is further maintained from this particular fish study, that in the Indian River Lagoon that the This could be because the deeper you get into the lagoon the less human contact available which in turn allo...

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...ons, then that will affect other species either negatively or positively. As another point, if multiple species decline, then the ecosystem can start to decay and break down, which further can disrupt the natural flow of life cycles (Maclaurin 1.1). The results can be used to further the growth of these species in this ecosystem as well as a gateway study into other studies.
Future investigates can include the study of the effect of sea grass on these fish species and truly evaluate whether or not the increased biodiversity in the deeper waters is attributed to these different submerged seagrass faunas. If this point is proven to be true, then the conservation and promotion of sea grass maintenance and growth in the Indian River Lagoon can be a new cause for this local environment to invest in to ensure well-kept economic growth (Biodiversity conservation: a guide).

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