Essay about Bill Gates: A Very Inflenential and Famous Man

Essay about Bill Gates: A Very Inflenential and Famous Man

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Bill Gates
Bill Gates is one of the most influential, famous men in the world. He was one of the youngest and wealthiest man in the world. We’re not talking about the kind of influential that doesn’t influence your everyday life directly. Bill Gates has changed technology in so many way it’s almost impossible to list them all, and one of the most respected businessman to date. During the last decades of the twentieth century, software entrepreneur Bill Gates and his company Microsoft have changed the world’s attitude toward the personal computer.
Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. Bill Gates’ real name was actually William Henry Gates III. His parents were William Henry Gates Jr. and his mom was Mary Maxwell. His dad was a successful corporate lawyer, and his mother was a chairwoman of United Way International, and served on the executive boards of Pacific Northwest Bell and First Interstate Bank. His grandparents were William Henry Gates, Sr. who was born on Bremerton, Washington on March 14, 1891, and his grandmother Lillian Elizabeth Rice and she was born on Bremerton, Washington on 1891. Bill Gates is the middle of two sisters: Kristi who was older and Libby who was younger than Bill and Kristi. As a young boy at the age of twelve Gates attended public school before attending Lakeside Preparatory School. Gates first became interested in computers when he was working the school’s room-sized computer.
Gates and his friends started to neglect their regular school schedule in order to spend more time exploring the machine. Gates wrote his first program at the age of 13. One of his friends was Paul Allen where he met at the preparatory school. Gates and Allen started to create a grou...

... middle of paper ... Microsoft’s 16-bit operating system, MS-DOS 1.0. The thriving young company moved again in 1986, this time to a new corporate campus in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft’s stock went public in March 1986. Adjusting for splits, a share of that stock is worth almost 280 times its original value today. Bill Gates soon announced to Microsoft that he wouldn’t work full time at Microsoft so that he could spent more time with his foundation (Melinda Gates Foundation) (Gates, Bill Web).
Bill has changed technology through the years and while doing this he has still been able to keep up with his family and friends. Instead of having his work getting in the way of his family time, he owns his own business and he can control when he works and doesn’t work. Through his years of work he has become the one of the world’s richest and most respected businessman in the world.

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