Biblical Interpretation Of God 's ' The ' Of The Serpent ' Essay

Biblical Interpretation Of God 's ' The ' Of The Serpent ' Essay

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scripture could mean that Adam is solely the head of the household and expected to protect and care Eve, or it could mean that God granted Adam physical power and control over Eve through fear. The amount of interpretation Genesis gives people has a large impact on how women are perceived in different religions since one is able to twist the meaning of the scripture in so many different ways.
When God asked Adam about the fruit, Adam responded, “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.” (Genesis 3:12) God only punished Adam because he listened to Eve and ate the fruit. Adam’s punishment was that he will have to labor for his food on cursed ground, and even if he works hard, he will end up eating bread at times because the fruit of his labors will be unsuccessful. The difference in the intensity of their punishment is not fair. Eve gave into the temptation of the serpent, but Adam gave into the temptation of Eve. They both committed the same transgression, but through different occurrences. Before there was more than one interpretation of the Bible, many men believed that women gave into temptation too easily and caused society pain and problems that could have been avoided if Eve had listened to God in the first place. Some religions still believe this theory to a certain extent, giving them a reason to place women on a different level of respect than men.
In Women’s Speaking Justified, Margaret Fell Fox comments on the conversation between Eve and the Serpent, stating “with his temptation, and with a lie, his subtlety discerning her to be more inclinable to hearken to him,” Eve trusted the serpent, because until that time, she was not aware that the act of lying existed. Fell Fox also points ...

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..., is a “fiery element, with it’s own heat and nourishment content.” (Lines 42-43) Very few things can truly affect a friendship; it does not need constant help because a good friendship is strong. Friendship to Philips is the only relationship where you can be yourself and is the most gratifying relationships of them all (Line 48-56). It is quite obvious that the saying “marry your best friend” was not a reality in Philips’ time, even though she believed that friendship should be the basis of a marriage.
Women were expected to marry in their social class, and to the best option available. Unless a woman was upper class, she was not given the opportunity to find someone she truly cared for to spend her life with, she would just have to hope that they would become friends at some point in the marriage. Men were so superior to women that the practice of a girl’s father

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