The Bible Is Not Anything Spiritual Essay example

The Bible Is Not Anything Spiritual Essay example

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After watching videos and reading chapters ' one through three in the text book, I have realized that the bible Is not anything spiritual but can be taken as being spiritual only by the way you present it. My understanding of the Bible is that it is a book that consist of stories that tell the history of how the man discovered God, but his name is YHWH in the bible. Some people look at the bible as being a template or a guide that tells how you was supposed to live your life on the earth, but it 's not. The Bible is really a history book because the Bible tells of the Israelites stories and what they discovered or what they went through. The Israelites wrote stories that told about the chronicles of history like Moses and the Ten Commandments.
Archeologist were digging up a1iifacts in the ground that looked as though they were connecting to Bible. So as they found pieces and pieces of artifacts they staiied to connect those artifacts with the Bible to figure out the deeper stories behind the items that were found. The Hebrew Bible is fu...

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