The Between Young Women And The Band Essay

The Between Young Women And The Band Essay

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My object of analysis is going to be “boy bands” which I am defining as “a band of boys usually playing pop music that is marketed towards young women.” I am going to specifically look at the band 5 Seconds of Summer and I am going to look at how their music and success becomes undermined because their target audience is primarily young women. I am going to do this using feminist theory and this project will examine how ideologies regarding the connection between young women and the band itself being written off artistically are almost embedded within society, in that people say things such as “this band sucks” without ever really listening due to their classification as a boy band. This is primarily linked back to who they are marketed toward, tying with the ideas of Ideological State Apparatuses (ISAs) defined on page 172 of Popular Culture: A User’s Guide (2014).

Looking particularly at 5 Seconds of Summer, this project will explore how bands classed under the “boy band” genre are held in a lower respect than bands of similar sound or commercial success for the simple fact that they are marketed toward young girls. I will go on to use feminist theory to examine how the fact that they (and boy bands as a whole) are being seen as “less than” within the music industry for being marketed toward young girls thereby reflects a greater societal sexism both women and men exist within.

I know that 5 Seconds of Summer has had a lot of commercial success and have written with people from bands that are better appreciated musically- members of Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, and All Time Low. I also know a fair bit about the actual genre 5 Seconds of Summer plays, and other bands who play a similar style of music. This i...

... middle of paper ...

... things in the way in which I would like. I also think it would be interesting to do this because 5 Seconds of Summer as a band started out on YouTube so it kind of comes full circle.

I think this will contribute to the music side of things in that it may help the band gain recognition it deserves or better illuminate why boy bands are treated with the quick judgement they are within western society.
I also think it will provide insight in how bigger frames of thinking within society regarding feminism and how things marketed for women may be seen as “less than.” It will raise questions regarding why things young females are liking are seen as bad and hopefully provide better answers to the questions by establishing clear connections between the concept of boy bands as something marketed to young girls and written off immediately for the same reason.

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