The Between The 1980s And The 2000s Conservatives Expressed Support For Placing Limitations On Government

The Between The 1980s And The 2000s Conservatives Expressed Support For Placing Limitations On Government

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9- Between The 1970s and the 2000s conservatives expressed support for placing limitations on government
When Ronald Reagan first was nominated for president in the early 1980s he was playing with the conservatives card. He believed that some of the past presidents that served before him may of abused the power of the government. America was founded as a nation of the people, not the government. In Ronald Reagans Nomination speech he vows to use the government as to help the people of the United States but only to get started then he would let us help the country as a whole. He mentions during his speech that he recognizes that “Our federal government is overgrown and overweight,” and that “It is time our government should go on a diet.” (Reagan) Ronald Reagan was almost a janitor to the American government. He believes that the last few years the government has gotten out of control and he believes that it is time to turn it back over to the people. The way that his acceptance speech reads is years ago the government put their wing over the American people because they could not financially afford to do themselves. However it seems that it was the government themselves that put them where they are at this time by imposing impossible taxes and laws. Reagan sees that “A phased reduction of tax rates would go a long way toward easing the heavy burden on the American people.” (Reagan) as he nears the conclusion of his speech he mentions that “It is the responsibility of the president of the united states, in working for peace, to insure the safety of our people cannot successfully be threatened by a hostile foreign power.” (Reagan) This doesn’t even mention anything on our soil, but it gives light on that He will give his fellow Amer...

... middle of paper ... to serve in the Peace corps to volunteer and to “work with the people…to rebuild [a] neighborhood. The SDS believes that The men that are in Vietnam would much rather “Build villages…[not to] burn them…[and want to] help and change our country…[not to] destroy someone else’s. Along with the war they oppose the draft. They would like to “test the young people of America” They believe if the Draft was to disappear, the young would volunteer to help their country in other ways but still to expand on the democratic powers.(Kirkpatrick)
By 1975 when the war was over there was no public support. Most of the citizen and the soldiers did not know what the full reason was for being over there. From the protests at the University of Maine in Portland to the demonstrations at Wisconsin to the shootings at Kent State. While the war waged onwards the support dropped off.

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