Benefits of Using Supplements in Bodybuilding and Fitness Essay

Benefits of Using Supplements in Bodybuilding and Fitness Essay

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People have been discussing if there are any negative effects of using supplements for fitness or bodybuilding for a very long time. Most people agree that if the supplement is of a good quality, it is OK to use them and they have little side effects (Bolger, 2013). In fact, some people even recommend using supplements because of such reasons: is very hard to find natural foods in this era, it impossible to take the nutrition from foods if the sportsman works too hard, and it provides fast and effective results.
The processed food sector has surrounded us (Albritton, 2010). Food companies are using many chemicals and altering the food in order to make the food more durable, to keep the costs lower, and to make the product more delicious (Albritton, 2010). These cause the foods to lose its nutrition (Albritton, 2010). That’s why people recommend to others who are interested in bodybuilding or fitness to turn to supplements, which provide them more nutrition and fewer side effects.
Even if people who are interested in bodybuilding or fitness can find natural foods that don’t consist chemicals, they need to eat a lot more than ordinary people because of the needs of their bodies. This would make the people take the unnecessary nutrition to their body. However, by using supplements, sportsmen only take the nutrition they need and they avoid taking unnecessary nutrition. For example, a bodybuilder needs much more proteins than fats (, 2013). If the bodybuilder tries to take all the protein s/he needs from natural foods such as meat and pulse, he would take too much unnecessary fat to his/her body (Rajkhowa, 2009). Instead, s/he can use protein powders, which only consist of the necessary proteins. ...

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