Essay about Benefits Of Non Traditional Students

Essay about Benefits Of Non Traditional Students

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Non-traditional Students
As I walk through the Grossmont College campus I have seen the traditional student 's. The traditional student is the one that just graduated high school, looking to complete his/her general education to move on to a university. The student 's I see on campus that make up a bigger part of the college students enrolled are the non-traditional. The non-traditional student is the international student that is in the United States most not by choice, the disabled student despite their disability shows up, and the single parent that is fighting for a brighter future for their children. Non-traditional students flooding the admissions office seeking a brighter tomorrow.
The first type of non-traditional student is, The refugee student is not here by choice but because of the war they now are here seeking refuge. The refugee student is here to learn a new language and culture. They must do so in order to be successful in a foreign country they know little of only that they are Thankful to be alive. Some not only lost their homes, businesses, and seen loved ones lose their lives in violent horrific ways. There are is some refugee students that have witnessed their entire village torn to shreds, as well as one in particular seen their entire family of 16 murdered being the only one alive. That student will walk the campus of Grossmont college seeking a better tomorrow through higher education. The refugee student is resilient.
As a refugee student the needs may be different than the traditional student. English is most often not the native language of the refugee student. Grossmont College offers many English as a Second Language classes. The english department also is well staffed with instructors th...

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... non-traditional students seeking a fulfilling education, although, not your traditional jock, geek or class clown the non-traditional student seeks to empower themselves through education despite any set back they might face. Every individual has their one needs in order to achieve success Grossmont College is not only the home to many non-traditional students but the home to many supports systems to ensure the success of their non-traditional students. I have learned and appreciate the tremendous amount of support that Grossmont has for their students. I am not only the single parent seeking a successful education but a student with learning disabilities. I personally walk Grossmont College with a sense of hope and dignity because not only am I a non-traditional student but I have the support of my educational institute to ensure my success for a brighter tomorrow.

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