Benefits And Problems Of Team Performance Essay

Benefits And Problems Of Team Performance Essay

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Recent years, organisation are much more relay on diversity teams to developing products, making decisions and also gain the business success (When and how), therefore diversity team are becoming a very important element for the organisations. In USA, diversity usually refer to demographic characteristics such as age, gender, and ethnicity, however, diversity is not only refer to demographics, it also means the diversity in psychological characteristics like skills, personality, abilities, and education backgrounds (book diversity). Although team diversity leads to some benefits like the positive organisational cooperation, share the knowledge and experience, it can also leads some problems to the organisation, such as the tension between members and the conflict (the effect). Thus diversity is not all about benefits, some problems are also surrounded it. This essay will examining the benefits and problems if diversity from different aspect.

Team performance is a construct which can be measured from some aspect: qualitative and quantitative outcome and team cohesion (dunphy and bryant). Cox and Blake illustrated several advantages of diversity, they contend that the diversity can increase the flexibility, the ability of problem solving and reduce the cost (cox and blake). Despite Cox and Bryant illustrated these benefits, there still some problems existed. At this section, this essay will examining the benefits and problem from decision making, creativity and innovation and problem solving aspect.

During the decision making process, different team members can bringing their different perspectives and stimulate the debates. Indeed some research found that the team diversity have positive impact to decision making. For example, on...

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...the individuals are in the diverse educational teams (Cohen). Tjosvold (1988) also found that the discussion in the diversity teams could help the team effectively using resources. Another similarity found was that diverse of experience and education have positive influence on the company’s global strategy (Fredrickson). Despite lots of researchers demonstrated that diversity in teams increase the effective of problem solving, the negative impact on the outcomes also been found. For example, the team members with different attribute, knowledge and experience could decrease the connection between the team members, thus, problem solving process may be less effectiveness (Tusi). Furthermore, the research also found that diverse teams may face more conflict and disagreeable, members will less trust to each other and feel more dissatisfaction in that diverse team (Alder).

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