Benefits And Benefits Of Contract Employment Essay example

Benefits And Benefits Of Contract Employment Essay example

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What are the comparative advantages and disadvantages of contract employment versus at-will employment for an employer and employee?
Contract employment is legally binding, mutually agreed upon contract between an employer and employee that documents the terms of the employment. Such terms should include the term (length) of contract, compensation and expectation of duties during the contract. Some advantages of contract employment for the employer, are savings of payroll taxes as contract employees are responsible for paying their own taxes to the IRS, training expenses as contract are hired with specialized skills and reserves of health benefits as they are generally not provided for contract employees. Some advantages of contract employment for the employee are higher wages as studies have shown that contract employees can earn upwards of 40% of conventional at-will employees (usually to cover taxes and health insurance), freedom of choice of employers and being able to work on their own terms.
Conversely, with at-will employment, there is no contract and employment can be terminated by either the employee or employer at any time throughout the course of the employment with no explanation or warning required. An advantage of at-will employment for the employer is the ability to terminate employees without legal ramifications. Some advantages of at-will employment for the employee is that they too have the freedom to terminate the employment and move on if better opportunities are presented, free training if needed, health insurance, vacation, and bonuses.
Is it appropriate for governments to interfere with private businesses to prevent discrimination? In what situations do you believe the government should intervene to...

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...o bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection.” Included in those activities are strikes, as referred to in Section 13, “Nothing in this Act, except as specifically provided for herein, shall be construed so as either to interfere with or impede or diminish in any way the right to strike, or to affect the limitations or qualifications on that right.” A labor strike, or “refusal of employees to perform work that their employer has assigned” as the Free Dictionary defines it, is the refusal to work by the majority of an organization’s workforce. I believe that the government grants this right with appropriate limitations to both offer protection of the labor force and to prevent national emergencies as a result of a strike.

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