Essay on Belief System And Belief Systems

Essay on Belief System And Belief Systems

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Belief systems have been part of human life for centuries and in some cases they are the core of some societies. Belief systems play such a big part on societies and on people 's world views. In order to understand a part of someones values you have to know what their belief systems are. In an interview I did to one of my colleagues I tried to understand her belief system and what made her believe in this factors. It was interesting to see how her beliefs compared to mine. And it made it even more clear that belief systems have a big impact in your life and the way you see the world.
Her belief system is based on religion. She is consider herself as a Roman Catholic therefore she believes in one God, Saints, and the Virgin. She believes in heaven and hell, and that before you move to the other world you have to be judge by God based on your life behavior. Me in the other hand, I 'm an atheist and I don 't have any formal belief system. I simply believe in happiness, I believe everyone should do whatever makes them happy without hurting nobody. I don 't believe in the after life or...

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