Being A Sophomore Student As California State University Fullerton Essay

Being A Sophomore Student As California State University Fullerton Essay

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Being a sophomore student as California State University Fullerton in CNSM 100 has been peculiar to this very day. In the first week of the course, I thought that this class was going to be completely tedious since it is geared towards freshman. I however, was proven wrong. This class has allowed me to grow more as a lifelong learner and a student by providing me different methods to measure myself as a learner. Additionally, this class instructed me many ways that I can improve my organization and time management with my courses that was reinforced with a knowledgeable peer mentor. Overall, I will discuss how this course provided me with three critical areas for my success academically and beyond.
The completion of the ELLI profile allowed me to identify my strengths and weakness in my learning abilities. The survey infers that my major strength is in changing and learning, and meaning making. This presumes that I am willing to adapt to different methods to learn different activities and subjects. For an instance, in the beginning of the semester I try out as many approaches to study for the first test in each course. Once I find out what works best, I use that as a primary method to study. In addition, I also like to make connections with what I am learning to why am I learning this. Examples may include tying calculus to the construction of everyday items, such as cell phones, light bulbs, and cars.
However, there are several weaknesses that hinder my ability to learn material effectively. My weakest area is resilience, where I tend rapidly lose efficiency and motivation in work once I begin to experience heavy pressure. For an instance, I would often contemplate on how hard the material is for an hour rather than actually a...

... middle of paper ...

...more life educated individual.
To sum up, CNSM 100 has educated numerously on how I can become a better student and lifelong learner. The ELLI profile allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses in the way that I learn that I can continuously focus on. Setting up long term and short term goals help keep me on track not only for the long shot, but for the little steps that will ultimately lead up there. Different techniques for time management has allowed me to recognize the flaws that are in my weekly schedule, allowing me to modify my schedule to boost my academic performance. I have discussed in detail on the various areas that I am actively improving on to become a better student, and will always be striving to find better ways to do that. Although sometimes it seems that once we grow up we stop learning. However, as long as we are alive, we learn.

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