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“It’s a man’s world” is a phrase used often to describe the gender biases of the world. Gender is a social construction put onto sex. Sex is determined by reproductive parts that we are born with , all the while gender is a category the sexes are put into. In these different categories there are various characteristics and attributes each have. Being a man is defined by the level of manhood one obtains. Michael Kimmel says, “ We think of manhood as a thing, a quality that one either has or doesn’t have. We think of manhood as innate, residing in the particular biological composition of the human male, the result of androgens or the possession of a penis”(Kimmel, 80-81). Since manhood can only be possessed by a person with penis and manhood can only be obtained by a man, women are significantly left out of "the man 's world". Furthermore, the favoritism towards the male population in the workforce, education system, government and pop culture makes it patriarchal. America is especially patriarchal because it is male dominated, male identified, and male-centered, though the level upper handedness for men is determined by race, class, and sexuality. The nation oppresses the female population legally, financially, and socially by having a nation built by men specifically for men to succeed.
Male privilege relates to white privilege in the way that they both do not know of the advantages they possess. Male privilege is not having a censored body, being slut shamed, worrying about rape as well as being killed during late nights out, and having full control of their reproductive system. "Sexism... is ideology, a set of ideas that promote male privilege in part by portraying woman as inferior to men"(Johnson,159). Through the United Stat...

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...ics of masculinity. "Marketplace Masculinity describes normative definition of American masculinity. It describes his characteristics of aggression,competition, anxiety..."(Kimmel,84). Some gay men are often called Queens or are seen as women because of their sexual orientation and attraction to men. Being attracted to men makes gay and bisexual men being attracted to men makes gay men seen as feminine which is in turn that thing in our patriarchal society. Men often call other men derogatory female terms as in pussy, bitch, hoe etc to lower than masculine stance. "Historically and developmentally masculinity has been defined as the flight from women the repudiation of femininity" (Kimmel, 85). Since members of the LGBTQI community are seen to have a connection with feminine ways they are not seen as masculine therefore they are in incorporated into American manhood.

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