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Both Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler and Population: 485 by Michael Perry explore ideas of masculinity and manhood, but I think Butler shares a more diverse representation of masculinity through his different characters.
What it means to be a man
The concept of masculinity is considered as the qualities and characteristics of a man, typical what is appropriate to a man. In this article, A Community Psychology of Men and Masculinity: Historical and Conceptual Review, The author Eric S. Mankowski and Kenneth I. Maton, analyze four main themes: "Men as gendered beings, the privilege and damage of being a masculine man, men as a privileged group, and men’s power and subjective powerlessness. The second and fourth themes are described as
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All of mans behavior comes from somewhere in the universe, but the most important is how we control our emotions. Perry 's life story brought him a sense of humor and wisdom to belong deeply to both the community and the land. He shows his responsibility as a fireman saving lives of women and children, maybe this is the best way he could express his manliness. Perry States, "There is an undeniable thrill in fighting fire ... at some level most of us have a perverse hanger for danger, a desire to be tested, to survive fire-a trial by fire literally." However, Butler characters showed their aggressiveness and poor reasoning again each other and even try to escape from the land. One of Butler 's character Ronny says, “I want to break out of here so bad I don 't even know where I want to go. May be any places I guess.... I am a man. I 'm a goddamned person. And I 'm restless as hell. I 've tried running away. I try about three times a year. Mostly in the summer."(58) Which is the opposite of Perry who is looking for a place in the present. Perry says "Captive of my heart and feet, I 'm wandering fool, but I 've got the sense to keep returning. On this land, in this place, with this people I am where I belong."(234) I don 't think Ronny ever feel that way, I don 't think he feels he is belong to Little-wing, furthermore there is nothing for him to do over there. Shortly after his wedding…show more content…
On my opinion I think a good man is someone who recognizes his mistakes and profits from them, also a man is someone compassionate, sensitive, carrying, strong and valuable. I think Butler did a good job by showing his characters Lee and Beth weaknesses such as a fire burn inside their heart. They have struggle throughout their lives, that fire is love. Versus Perry who had to struggle with both the sentimental and natural fire, but later they reveals their ability and humility of mankind. In this article The Fireman: Immaculate Manhood, Robyn Cooper reveal many concepts of fire. He says, "As spirit, fire is both purifying and heavenly, punitive and damning. Fire also symbolize love and passion, as purifying and confining, burning passion as consuming and destroying. Fire is defined as masculine principle because of the association of fire and heat with energy, life and power (man is sun, woman is moon). In relation to sexual generation it was traditionally held that the spark of the semen ignited the cold womb to generate life. But the gender fire is more complex and contradictory." (143) As I said before the fire mansion has a double meaning, it is pure love that is out of control, Love that makes Beth questioning herself. Furthermore, she reveal she felt self-conscious, when Lee and Chloe came for their wedding, she couldn 't keep her eyes out of Lee, and I think she couldn 't answer what she felt in

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