Being A Leader Is Responsible For Any Outcome Essay

Being A Leader Is Responsible For Any Outcome Essay

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Being a leader means being responsible for any outcome that occurs in a situation. If your team fails then you fail: vice versa is your team receives a victory. Not many individuals understands what it takes to be a leader. Being a leader means putting your needs asides and putting the team first. Being a leader is knowing how to make a decision even if not everyone agrees. Prior to just naming yourself as a leader, there is a foundation one must have and stepping stones that one must tackle on in order to mold an individual into a leader.
When individuals go volunteer at a high school, they would generally be under the impression that they would just have to deal with silly drama. Drama, such as, boys bragging about girls or sports and girls fighting with other girls over gossip or over some guy that they claim to be in love with. I recently graduated from high school and knew that maybe I should go back and help pass my words of wisdom onto the other students. For my Service Learning Project I decided that I will go back to my old high school and volunteer with the JROTC Program that I spent all four years of my high school in. I remember that a year ago, I left the beloved program in one piece. I put some much work into the program and was under the impression that I left it in good hands once I passed on the reins to my successor. I began volunteering the fall of 2015, right after I graduated. I try help out by passing out after school snacks and make sure that everyone was getting along.
Like I said, I left everything in one piece, it was not until I was assigned my Service Learning Project that I really began to observe how the cadets really behaved with each other. Over the last few months since I was first assigned the p...

... middle of paper ... a life and death situation with their teams, but there will be moments where what they do results in a change in their fate. From something as little to winning a competition to being put in a situation where they can lose their jobs if they do not so something right.
In JROTC, they would recite the definition of leadership. Leadership is the ability to accomplish a mission in a manner desired by providing purpose direction and motivation. That is what leadership is. A leader is having a team who gladly follows the leader’s directions without questioning anything. Without Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage, there is absolutely no way that an individual can call themselves a leader. Prior to just naming yourself as a leader, there are stepping stones that one must tackle on in order to mold an individual into a leader.

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