Behind the Scenes Truth of the Fast Food Industry in Home of the Whopper, by Thomas Frank

Behind the Scenes Truth of the Fast Food Industry in Home of the Whopper, by Thomas Frank

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The story Home of the Whopper, by Thomas Frank really shines some light on what is really going on in these fast food restaurants. The author begins his story by starting at the beginning, on Hillsborough Road in Durham.

In the Home of the Whopper there is some behind the scene truth. The central idea the author is talking about are the various fast food restaurants in the local area, along with how bad the environment was. The location he references is unsafe to walk and should only be driven through. The area was littered with trash on the ground. Although it was near a huge college campus, Duke University, it was an unsavory location known for crime. Also, it the road is between two thruway exits.The author really does a good job with imagery, showing how efficient the fast industry is. He does this by illustrating how the ingenuity of different restaurants and companies operate. They describe various cup holders, to the twin basket fryer, to the lips that actually flip up drinks. The main factors that decide where they place their restaurants are things like landscape and highway production programs, as well as the media.

A big event that happened on August 29 in North Carolina was a strike in a state where there are no unions and the very spot that was the birthplace of some of the first fast food places such as Hardees and Krispy Kreme. Early in the morning on this particular day, at 6 a.m., the protesters started forming. They began to yell about how they could possibly survive $7.25. How could they feed their own families? TV news crews and policeman began to show up, and then the protest became real. People driving by honked their horns to show support of the protesters. The protestor grew in size as the...

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...trike happened and has evidence that the company consider it a food system then a restaurant. Also the way he introduces the first paragraph and how he described the road it was like i was walking down the road. the author really bring out the truth out about these fast food chains and it is brave to go up against these large companies. You really start to feel bad about the people that work there , they don't deserve the treatment that they are getting. Also honestly if they say machines can replace people in these jobs why haven't they done it , oh wait thats right no one would want to buy food made by a robot.

The author really took a big chance going up against these big companies. To make it so the truth came out. After reading something like this you think twice before you go threw that drive thru. that is the story that started on Hillsborough Road.

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