Becoming A Middle School Teacher Essay

Becoming A Middle School Teacher Essay

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The career I would be most interested in is becoming a middle school teacher. When one decides to become a teacher you always have a set of guidelines to follow. I would love to become a middle school teacher because I believe that is something that I have passion for. But in order for me to become an official teacher I would have to take some major steps like getting certified. Getting certified is not easy as going in to take a test and then you are certified, there are requirements that are needed. The certification I would need in order to be able to teach a classroom will be an initial certification. I would have to gain this certification because I will be an entry level teacher. In order for me to get certified my first requirement would be to complete the New York State registered Program so I can complete the required classes under the major in a college. Then I have to get an institutional requirement, which is a statement that the institution recommends a candidate to become certified. The next three requirements are all exams, those being the NYS Teacher Exam of Liberal Arts and Science Test, the Elementary Assessment of Teaching Skills and the Content Specialty Test. The Elementary assessment of teaching skills exam are different from the content specialty test where they are made to test the knowledge and skills in the liberal arts and sciences, in teaching theory and practice. The exams are probably going to be my biggest obstacle in achieving my certificate. I am not great in taking exams. I get really nervous and tend to forget most of what I have studied. But I know that with the determination and support I have, it can help me pass all these exams in one try. Now determination and support of course will not ge...

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... growth in knowledge that we need to succeed in life. Teacher quietly change the world just by doing what they do best, and that is to teach. Being a teacher is much more than standing in front of a classroom and giving a lecture it is being able to make a child not only feel but believe that they are meant for greatness that they can ever imagined. It is so important for students to know that there is someone out there that believes in them. By simply communicating to a student you can have a greater impact in their lives because they might not have anyone to look up to or listen to them. I believe it must be such a satisfying career to change the life of a child by teaching them new things about the world that they never have known and open their mind to new possibilities. I believe learning takes place best in a positive and safe environment filled with laughter.

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