Future Teacher Philosophy

William Alexander, a founding father of the middle school movement, stated that the learning of right answers is not enough. He believe that students should not just learn the content, but that students should be the center of education. Students should have a personalized education that appeals to the “whole person”. Teachers can help create the whole person by developing relationships with the students and managing their classrooms. Also teacher-to-teacher collaboration is essential for student growth. The schools should cultivate an atmosphere where students can mature and succeed in every aspect of life.

In the 1910s, the concept of Junior High schools started to broaden. The purpose for it was to help adolescent transition from elementary to high school. Many recognized that many of the adolescents that transition from elementary school to high school were having problems staying in school, keeping their grades up and developing socially. However good intention it was based, there were some gaps and failures in the movement. Many junior high schools didn’t captivate the interest of the students. The curriculum was very rigorous; almost comparable to high
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My job is to cultivate an atmosphere where students can learn how to be a better person and grow mentally. I believe that as a future teacher, I should developed relationship with other teachers in other content areas. As teachers, we can suggest different ways to help a student that is struggling. Teachers should stay relevant in an ever changing society. Not only teachers, but the guidance counselor, social worker, janitor, arts teachers, etc. If the education should be to teach the whole student: emotionally, socially, mentally, and many more, than we should involve other experts in their education. This would be a great learning tool for teachers. We can learn how to better develop our

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