Becoming A Flight Attending For Us Airways Essay

Becoming A Flight Attending For Us Airways Essay

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Ever since I was young, I spent most of my Sundays in church with my family. One of my good friend’s father was the pastor and he counseled my family whenever there were any issues going on. Growing up in that church really widened my perspective. Varies visitors came in each week ranging from drug addicts, prostitutes, homosexuals, prosecutors from the law, etc. This church was very small at the time but as I got older the church started to get more recognized for its attraction of people who wanted to hear the popular pastor preach a good word to the congregation. I left the church for a few years to pursue my career in becoming a flight attending for US Airways. I was away for seven years, but I visited the church often whenever I was in town. By then the church became quite substantial. I started hearing all about the new improvements such as the live streaming, which benefited me when I was away for work. Social media also played an important role in the church’s development. At this point it had increased to over four thousand members.

My family is still currently involved with the church and some even work for the pastor and church. I remember when there were no more than two hundred members that attended Sunday’s service. I returned back home from being laid off, so I decided to see if my church need any help and they did. The pastor asked me to be part of the church committee that help make decisions such as raising funds to help aid families in need. When I decided to take this position it consisted of many committee meetings and sometimes meetings I had to go alone to, depending on the task that was asked of me. I was ready for my duties. As I started the first two weeks the committee explained to me all the ethical...

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... in my past at other meetings, but I saw the committee have a great deal of respect for the senior pastor and his time to get things accomplished on a timely manner. Churches are simply not involved enough in the communities in which they are situated for people to see why the churches even matter. Quality and consistent community service was one of the hallmarks of the Black Church during the Civil Rights Movement, but numerous Black churches aren’t giving any time to community service, or they’re devoting an insignificant amount of time to community service. An effective church stays active in the lives of the people. We were listing all the pro and cons of this matter and also listing the consequences of our investigation of all the money and the pastor family. We were very sure the pastor would have no problem answering our questions. The problem will be would

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