The Beauty Of Me Is That I Am Very Rich By Donald Trump Essay

The Beauty Of Me Is That I Am Very Rich By Donald Trump Essay

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“The beauty of me is that I am very rich” according to Donald Trump. His ignorance has lead him to do things that he shouldn’t being doing or has done. In the past few months he has been racist man that would insult people that are from a different race. When Trump started running for president he would insult and bully everybody in general not knowing the people’s stories. He made people seem like they are poor and have nothing to live for, Trump’s inability to see past his greed. He wants to separate the United States and wants people to think he is the best of the best; Trump should not be President.
Trump has said and believes that all immigrants that enter the United States are bad and are set out to endanger the lives of all individuals that dislike them entirely. In the last press conference Trump stated "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country 's representatives can figure out what is going on." He believes that all Muslims are bad and terrorists and they should go back to there country, he has no right to say those types of...

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