Beauty Is A Woman 's Body Essay

Beauty Is A Woman 's Body Essay

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There is a well known, well discussed, universal definition of perfection for all women that doesn 't particularly meet the idea of, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It is one that is consistent throughout different areas of the world and different allotments of the human culture. This standard of the ideal woman is based off of not only physical but intellectual standards predominantly in magazines and television advertising.
According to Margaret Atwood in The Female Body, a woman’s body is used in today’s culture “to sell and advertise products”. These products vary from “door knockers, bottle openers, clocks with ticking bellies, lampshades, and nutcrackers”. By having stores sell these items they are completely promoting the objectification of women to help sell their goods and services which is down right dreadful. How are women expected to be treated equal if businesses continue to sell discriminatory products, lessening the view of the female anatomy. Materialistic items are not the only way a female’s body is exploited in today’s culture. Aside from bottle openers and clocks, women are universally seen as a “renewable” sex symbol especially in magazines. (Atwood 1013)
The Venus Pudica was a pose used in ancient Greek art where an idealized female figure is depicted covering her pubis with her hand. This pose defines feminine sexuality rooted in passivity, vulnerability, and shame because of the modesty the model or female figure usually portrays when photographed using this pose. Surprisingly enough, the Venus Pudica is still used in advertisements today. Recently Lake Bell on the New York Magazine cover, Ruby Rose on the Maxim Australia cover and Isabeli Fontana on the Lui Magazine were all photographed doing th...

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...for something like a mother does with her child. For example, baby dolls nowadays are made to urinate so the child can actually change their diaper. Young girls can talk to the baby, bathe them, all things a mother is expected to do in today’s stereotypical, ideal, gender role, influenced family.
Women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, their personalities and their intellectual abilities vary. So there is no reason for the continuation of forcing women into a tiny idealistic expectation standard that the homo-sapien culture has created to be met almost universally through advertisements. Whether it be women having to meet a motherly role, photoshopped body standards, or having to prove their intellectual abilities because of false advertisement standards, no woman should have these expectations thrown on them in today’s culture in order to be socially accepted.

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