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The Beautiful Individual Essay

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Individuals are constantly asking themselves why they look the way they do and trying to change the imperfections they see in the mirror everyday. This crisis is known as having self esteem issues. The topic of self-image issues is greatly over looked but consumes the lives of over two thirds of the worlds population. Christina Aguileras song “Beautiful” from her fourth album Stripped (2006) and India Aries song “Video” from her album Acoustic Soul (2001) both touch on the subject of self-image but more importantly empowerment. Throughout both songs the music intensifies during words like “beautiful” and “love yourself.” How can one not allow themselves to feel anything but beautiful when listening to these songs. Inner beauty and confidence is one of the greatest characteristics and individual can possess, once someone acquires that they can change the world through music
Issue Discussion
In today’s society self-esteem is a huge issue. The world paints a picture of what we, as an individual, should look like. As an individual we should all have perfect teeth, be skinny as a toothpick, and have a movie star personality. Lets face it there are only a select few in the world who fit that profile. In reality “more than one-third of America is obese,” (Sharpe) about “eight million Americans have an eating disorder,” (Eating Disorder Statistics.) and lastly about “eighty percent of the worlds population suffers from low self-esteem” (McCarthy). Of these facts what stuck out most was that eighty percent suffering from low self-esteem.
Earth is home to more than seven billion people. Eighty percent or over five and a half billion individuals have self-image troubles and are unhappy with how they are made. In India Arie’s s...

... middle of paper ... we cannot let society dictate how we look, because we are our own person. We are beautiful individuals.

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