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The Battle Of The Generation Essay

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The Battle of the Generation
In the 1940’s until early 1960’s baby boomers have constructed a stable form of communication. Considering, how important it was to keep in touch with others baby booms all of the basic resources. On the other hand, their children, born in the late 80’s until early 90 's, grew up in a generation full of electronic devices making connecting easier. Both generations equally enjoy connecting with family and friends. In fact, both generations share similar forms of communication conducive to their generation.
First, Baby boomers and Generation Y utilized different forms of voice to communicate. Baby boomers adapted telephones to communicate with each other from home. At that time, telephones connected customers to standard calling limited to connecting to subscribers in the area, unless directed outbound by an operator. Considering the constant operation of telephone service lines frequently became congested. As a result, voice connection was full of static. In fact, baby boomers nearly shared the same phone. Anyone connected to the line could interfere on a call without consent from the conductor of the conversation. In spite, of the minor complications wired phones were mostly used to chatter and quickly new updates. On the other hand, Generation Y has developed a more defined way of communicating by using cell phones. As a result, of wireless phone service end users are provided the ability to conduct a voice calls worldwide while at home and away from home. Wireless service functions by utilizing electronic frequencies to connect a call making interactions smooth and immediate. Cell Phones provide subscribers with privacy giving the user the option to join or unjoin a call at any time during...

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...diverse forms of religion and culture, making socializing with different nationalities acceptable. Therefore, Generation Y naturally adopted a warm friendly tone. Young adults act upon the impulse to willingly interact with various unfamiliar cultures
In conclusion, technology has evolved immensely throughout the last century. Previous, methods of communication provided equal forms of communication. Modern forms of communication provide quicker forms of communication. Although both generations have different tools to successfully connect both generations share the need to correspond with family and friends near and far. As of 2015, Generation Y ranks above their parents in utilizing technology to communicate. However, it does not make them more effective. Baby boomers take their time to choose words wisely to truly connect. Slow and steady always wins the race.

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