The Battle Of Communism And The Cold War Essay

The Battle Of Communism And The Cold War Essay

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The Soviets and United States were forced to be allies during the war because of how much military force the Soviets were sending to the war. The United States had to play with the Soviets rules. The Soviets had a different vision for Europe after the war and also the United States. The negotiations of boundaries of post-war Europe contribute to escalating in the Cold War. It was a battle of two superpowers. United States and Soviet Union had several differences from the military, political, and ideological differences. To the United States it seemed that the Soviets are asserting control of Eastern European countries under puppet Communist regimes. This was view as a dangerous expansion of Communism. The Soviets viewed the United States as an economic and ideological rival and expansion of capitalism intruding in the way of Soviet goals (Calen Rau Lecture Notes). The battle of Communism vs Capitalism was the ideas in conflict of the Cold War. Communism seen as an enemy of the United States and on the opposite side Capitalism as the enemy of United States. The reestablished borders isolated the world into Capitalist side and Communist Side (Calen Rau Lecture notes). This view made United States and Soviets compete to expand their ideals on to other countries. An example of this is the Soviets invasion in Afghanistan. The Cold War was fought by other countries than a direct war between the Soviets and United States. As the United States help Afghans resist the Communism culture. The Cold War help rise of factions in the Middle Eastern nations. The Soviets change the social factor in Middle Eastern nations. The Allied powers differences of ideologies for postwar Europe caused an economic and political rivalry between the United Stat...

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...s to power and the conflict is on cultural supremacy and this is still continuing in the Middle East can we say that The Cold War is over?
The Cold War left many consequences in the name to strength Capitalism and Communism in world. As world was involved in battles around the world causing mass destruction and immigration. The reestablished borders lead to several conflicts some that are ongoing like the Korean War and Conflicts in Afghanistan. With this idea I feel that we are still in a Cold War. The impact that the Cold War left is still affecting the world and there is still an economic and ideology conflict between Capitalism and Communism. Communism is rarely practice but Countries like Korea and Cuba are still argued to be Communist. The Cold War can be argued that it has not ended as impacts if left are still on going. Can you say that The Cold War is over?

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