Essay on Batter My Heart And Three Personed God By John Donne

Essay on Batter My Heart And Three Personed God By John Donne

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“Batter My Heart, Three-Personed God" by John Donne
Feeling & picture of the text
The ‘feeling’ of the text can be deduced from the tone of the words that are used. The beginning and the middle of the text uses ‘difficult’ words arranged next to each other. Examples include “break, blow, burn, and make me new” and “o 'erthrow me, and bend”. This could imply that the persona is bitter or dissatisfied with the current situation because it is not the one he is supposed to be in. However, towards the end, a feeling of hope is evident in the use of the words “enthrall” and “ravish”.

The text also uses words, images and symbols to create a picture of how remorseful the persona is for having been wayward. The text presents a person who is having internal conflict with the self. It appears to be ‘war of the spirit’. At a higher level of analysis though, it ceases to be an internal conflict to a war of principalities in which the fight is between the three-personed God and the enemy. In such a view, the persona’s heart is the ‘battlefield’. In both cases, the audience pities the persona because appears powerless before the enemy, though fully determined to escape from that communion with the enemy.
Similes & metaphors
Similes and metaphors have been used in the piece:
Viceroy (metaphor): Defines the sweet and good role that the God plays in the life of the persona. The viceroy is indeed something good because the persona is ready to defend (“your viceroy in me, me should defend”) forever (“Labor to admit you, but oh! to no end”).

‘Like an usurped town’ (smiley): The smiley was used in this context, without the inversion; “I labor to admit you, like an usurped town to another due”. The persona’s difficulty in readily living God-life is l...

... middle of paper ...

...sona asks for this to be done for him because the three-personed God batters his heart, enthralls him and renews.

Clearly, the persona has a yearning for the three-personed God. Infact, he already has a strong past relationship with Him, which he wishes is restored. He loves Him (“Yet dearly I love you”) and defends Him (“me should defend”). It can also be argued that the persona cries unto the God because he (persona) knows His (God’s) abilities. From the text, the three-personed God can ‘knock, breathe, shine, and…mend’ and ‘break, blow, burn, and make…new’. Since God can bend the personal from the enemy and mend him to be in line with His statutes, and since the persona has a burning desire for Him having tasted his relationship in the past, he believes He can make him His again. Nevertheless, the persona knows that God renews, breaks, mends and bends by ‘force’.

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