Basketball And Its Impact On Sports Essay

Basketball And Its Impact On Sports Essay

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With time running out and the game on the line there is only one thing to do, shoot the ball; in basketball there has been many instances of fundamentals and athleticism in which history has been made in the sport itself. Basketball as a sport has gone through many obstacles to actually becoming a serious competitor to baseball, which was bigger than most sports in its era. Basketball has gained recognition worldwide because of its fast tempo game and how it is played. To understand the game of basketball and the journey of becoming what it is today, the history is extremely important.
In the year 1891 a man by the name James Naismith, a Canadian physical education coach created a game for his students to play during the winter. “He taught at the International YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts. He used two peach baskets as a goal/net and used a soft soccer ball as a basketball” (Naismith 1941). The teams consisted of nine players on each side and had to follow four rules according to James Naismith: “first and foremost, no running with the ball in hand (hence the practice of "dribbling"), second, no tackling or rough body contact, and third, a horizontal goal above players ' heads, and fourth, freedom of any player to obtain the ball and score at any time”. When a player does not follow these steps, they will not be as productive as a player who does follow the rules. Players have the opportunity to score points whenever they can which makes the game fast and exciting. Basketball has become on the rise ever since the era of fast paced sports and now it is well known worldwide for being a man’s sport.
Naturally, with a high tempo game, there are players constantly running back and forth, scoring and rebounding o...

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...s with new organizations and new rules coming in to play” (American Decades 1930s). During the Depression- era most athletes had their big paychecks cut in half or even more because there was no money to be given to them. Their checks ranged from $10, 000 - $80,000 a year depending on how great of a player they were; Babe Ruth was paid $80, 000 during his time as a professional baseball player. There were no fans watching games or even spending money because of the decrease in money, which meant that businesses in charge of basketball and other sports were on the verge of not being able to keep their teams. Three years after the Depression, sports took their top athletes to Hollywood to shoot some commercials for advertisement in order to make more fans. And the emergence of racism had arose in basketball due to the amount of African Americans in the sports industry.

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