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Barack Obama 's Campaign For Hillary Obama Essays

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In this paper I will argue that in order for Hillary Clinton to attract millennials, she should make an advertisement that highlights her experience in college and how she would like to make it more accessible for those in need. I believe this would be the strongest way to portray herself because so far Hillary Clinton’s ads have been appealing to middle-class families, women, the LGBT community, labor workers, and the older generation, but she is missing a substantial percentage of voters in the United States. She is missing college students who are looking for someone to fight for them. Bill Clinton’s old ad from 1996 shows similar ideas when trying to attract young voters by showing all of the things he has done as president to help college students and what he plans to do if reelected. His straightforward ad breaks down all of the good he has done, not only appealing to college students, but also the parents of young children.
In 1996, Bill Clinton was the incumbent candidate running for reelection alongside his vice president, Al Gore. He ran multiple ads, but the one that I found the most interesting was a thirty-second ad called “Surgeon.” The ad starts off with children saying what they want to be when they to be when they grow up, then it explicitly shows what Bill Clinton has done as president and what he plans to continue doing in regard to higher education. This advertisement effectively displays his experience and the good he has done for the country thus far. The ad soon turns into an attack ad against Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich. It shows how they do not support making higher education more accessible since they want to eliminate scholarships and even get rid of the department of education as stated by Dole himself...

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...h her ads and she should find a way to discredit her opponent without taking the focus off her and appealing to a plethora of people like Bill Clinton’s ad.
In this new age where media dictates everything, Hillary Clinton should make an ad that specifically targets the millennials because many may not be as politically informed; therefore, an ad like this can sway many to her side. Once she has those voters, social media helps her attract a broad spectrum of partisans. With one ad, she can get not only the vote of college students but of parents and grandparents who are burdened with having to pay for their children 's tuition. It is a domino effect that can occur if this new ad were to play similar to Bill Clinton’s ad. More and more people will get on the Hillary Clintons bandwagon, just like they did for Bill Clinton in 1996 that allowed him to win the presidency.

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