Barack Obama, An Expository Essay

Barack Obama, An Expository Essay

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Summary: This book, Barack Obama, was an expository. It informs readers about the life of Barack Obama – from his childhood to his adult life as President of the United States. This book talked about how Obama came from a multicultural family with a mom from Kansas and his father from Kenya. It continues to discuss Barack’s elementary and high school years, meeting his wife, and having two daughters. Furthermore, it explains how Obama entered politics and won his first political race in 1996. As time went on, Obama progressed to further political achievements. On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama became the first African American President of the United States.

Strengths: This book has numerous strengths. It contains a wide range of text structures such as a table of contents, highlighted words, visual pictures, a timeline, a glossy, and an index. This text also contains some dialogue from interviews with President Obama. Another strength is that this history book about President Obama has a section in the back of the book about the three branches of Government.

Improvements: There is not many improvements for this book. However, one improvement would be to have fewer words or pictures on each page. Some of the pages seemed a bit crowded and may overwhelm some readers.

Illustrations: This book has excellent illustrations. The majority of the illustrations in this book are pictures of Obama’s life. These pictures serve as great primary sources. When reading this text, students will be able to gain a deeper understanding of Obama’s child and adulthood.

Lesson Plan Idea: I would use this book in a third grade classroom. I would place my students in small groups to read and discuss this text. Each student in the small group would...

... middle of paper ...

...strations in this book are excellent. The pages are bright and colorful. There are a lot of different diagrams to visually explain the information. Most of the text has borders around it which enhances the overall excellence of the illustrations.

Lesson Plan Idea: I would use this book in a third grade class. Before reading this book, I would have my students make a KWL foldable. They would record what they already know about Pilgrims and Plymouth and what they want to learn. I would then read the book to my students. After reading this book, I would have the student’s pair up with another student to discuss what they learned. They would then be assessed with the remaining portion of their KWL foldable. The students would be expected to write what they learned from this book. I would be able to use this foldable as a benchmark for further instruction if necessary.

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