The Bangalore Based E Commerce Firmed Flipkart Essay example

The Bangalore Based E Commerce Firmed Flipkart Essay example

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The Bangalore-based e-commerce firmed Flipkart established in 2007.Flipkart has launched its own product range under the name "Digi Flip of Flipkart" with products including tablets, USBs, and laptop bags. At first, the organization was an online book shop. which has now grown up and works through a perplexing structure of business with 20 million items crosswise over 70+ classes available.

Business Model-

Flipkart basically used B2C Model, a consumer goes to the website, selects a catalog, orders the catalog and an email is sent to the business organization. After receiving the order, goods would be dispatched to the customer. This is a definition of B2C model.

Flipkart model-

1) Portal list sellers who sell the desired portfolio products > Get customers browsing through the products > Create appealing discounts > Customer Shops for the desired products > Seller / Flipkart ships the product to customer > Product Accepted and Not returned back > Seller gets his agreed price of the product minus the commission charged by FlipKart for doing everything they do. This is the core FlipKart business model. ("E-Commerce Overview", 2016)

The sale can happen through different channel. I have listed below FlipKart selling channels.
1. Website
2. Web-App
3. Mobile App (Android or iOS or others)
4. Tele Sales (Customer calling and Placing order – Happens rarely now)
5. Affiliate networks (Bloggers, Coupon Websites, Review Websites etc.)
6. Social Buy ("E-Commerce Overview", 2016)

Flipkart as an Analytical competitor

Flipkart is one of the main three unicorns from India in the web offering space. It is the second most favored sites by the general population who search for shopping online in India.

1. Support of a Strategic, Disti...

... middle of paper ... the recommendation algorithms, they were able to retain some customers by offering some discounts and coupons.

2. Pricing Optimization –

Flipkart use analytics for pricing products appropriately and enable to engage in dynamic pricing by adjusting the price for a good or service in real time.

3. Brand Management –

Flipkart use analytical platform to design and implement multichannel marketing like through web and Mobile platform. However, Flipkart in future more likely to concentrate on mobile platform to gather more data in order to increase the customer revenue and brand value.

4. Converting Customer Interactions into Sales and Managing Customer Life Cycle –

Flipkart using the web analytics and digital media to promote some of discount coupons to high value customer. Companies also use analytical capabilities to optimize their customers ' lifetime value

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