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Banana Cultures By John Soluri Essay

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John Soluri’s book, Banana Cultures, examines the production of bananas in the world market, “interactions among diverse and often divided people, not-so-diverse banana plants, and persistent yet unpredictable pathogen’s that formed and reformed tropical landscapes and livelihoods in export banana zones” (Soluri 5). Soluri talks about the historical entanglement of the Panama and Sigatoka pathogens and the export of bananas cultivation through agro-ecology. While the fungal pathogens infected Latin America, the Gros Michel banana invaded the United States. This stirred up debates over taxes, introducing new forms of dance and providing food for the population. The pathogens destroyed livelihood and earth soils affecting the exports of the bananas in the US market in a very intense process. Pathogens jolted lives of small and large scale farmers, decreasing their income, home life, and health. Although trying to figure out strategies to defeat the pathogens was difficult, there was an end result that showed improvements socially and economically of the US and Latin America.
Thousands of years ago bananas were cultivated in Southeast Asia and a number of varieties were spread throughout South Asia. While it is still unsure when and how banana cultivators reached the Americas, it is sure that they have been present in the region for about 400 years. Banana trade formed itself around a single species of banana called Gros Michel. The banana is a narrow genetic base that shapes its future export production in tedious ways. For example, Argo-ecosystems were a result of small and large-scale production of Gros Michel bananas. Which are “places created and transformed by fluid processes that are subject to change over time and space” (So...

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...xport production of bananas well. Banana Cultures explained the problems and the outcomes of production and this was helpful knowledge to understand. The Agro-ecology explains the historical entanglement of pathogens and exports of production as tropical landscapes and the livelihood in banana zones that were transformed in both positive and negative ways. By fighting off destructive fungal epidemics and producing bananas they found them in a cycle that made those involved suffer, but profited off their strategies and innovations at the same time. The export of banana production is just a small example of how agriculture as a whole operates and finds itself in the world of marketing and production. The banana is not only a biological organism but also it is a cultural artifact and a huge product of history involved with humans interactions in society today.

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