Bad Kids : A Bad Kid Essay

Bad Kids : A Bad Kid Essay

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Bad Children
Yelling, crying, not paying attention, not doing a task properly, these are only some of the characteristics that are used to define a bad kid in society, but they are wrong. Kids cannot be judged based on actions that they cannot control; doing so will cause negative consequences in their future. When a child is labeled a “bad kid” it is hard for them to step out of that category and is basically being sentenced to being that stereotype for the rest of their child hood. Children are easily influenced and when society keeps telling a kid that they are not good they are bound to believe it even if the reason why they are being labeled bad is for something they cannot control. Some children have certain delays or conditions that may cause them to act out, a child that “often fails to give close attention to details or make careless mistakes in schoolwork, has trouble holding attention on tasks or play activities, does not seem to listen when spoken to directly”(Frank), may seem like a bad kid but they are not, he or she may be suffering from A.D.D and cannot control those actions. A bad child is one who intentionally hurt someone or something knowing the negative consequences rather than one who has certain limitations causing him or her to act out in a negative way.
Before school were notorious for labeling a child a bad kid if they did not listen, or basically do as they were told. Majority of those kids were suffering from undiagnosed emotional distress, mental or physical delays and the negative connotation of what they were going through only added to the problem. Imagine being a child and not being able to focus in class. No matter how much effort was put into trying to focus, giving every bit of energy t...

... middle of paper ... acting out. Society needs to remember that they cannot discourage the intention by focusing on the outcome.
The term bad kids get thrown around more than a pitch during the opening day of baseball and that needs to stop. If the tern bad kid gets changed to, “a kid who understands the consequences of their bad actions yet still does them” the children that cannot help acting a specific way erase from that category. Kid’s self-esteem will shoot up like a rocket knowing that they are trying to be understood and not pushed aside because others think they are bad. The number of kids trying to do better will rise and they won’t be shunned for actions that out of their control. Society has expanded its views and terms on mental delays and reasons why certain children and adults may act a specific way. Why can’t the term bad child change as well, it can and it will.

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