The Two Concepts Of Mistaken Behaviour Vs. Misbehavior

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Initially, I define the two concepts of mistaken behavior and misbehavior, the first as an error in judgment and action made in the process of learning life skills. Mistaken behaviors occur at three levels which are: experimentation, socially influenced, and strong unmet needs. Teachers who use guidance see self-ruled life skills as difficult to learn, and they recognize that children are just at the beginning stages of a lifelong process of learning these skills. In the process of learning any difficult skill, children, like all of us, make mistakes. These teachers recognize that when children experiences conflicts it is because they have not yet developed the cognitive and emotional resources for more mature responses. The second concept being misbehavior is the conventional term applied to conflicts that the child is involved in, resulting in consequences that often include punishment and the internalization of a negative label such a “naughty”. The complexity of teaching self-ruled life skills leads some adults to the misconception that young children know how to behave, they just choose to misbehave. When conflicts occur, teacher who focus on misbehavior tend to label the child’s character and attempt to shame the child into better behavior.…show more content…
When children experience conflicts it is because they haven’t developed the cognitive and emotional characteristics needed for more mature responses. Mistaken behavior is viewed as something that should be correct through teaching not
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