Background Information On Yeti Rambler Essay examples

Background Information On Yeti Rambler Essay examples

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Background Information on Yeti
The Yeti Rambler has taken off where it’s more expensive and luxurious brethren, the Yeti cooler, has left off. The explosion of demand for this particular cup is due to its highly engineered design, which features 18/8 stainless steel material and a double walled vacuum insulation, which keeps a drink hot or cold twice as long as plastic cups (“Frequently asked questions”, n.d.). The cutting edge cup also features a gasket lid that locks beverages inside of the cup, allowing one to move freely without fear of spilling (“Frequently asked questions”, n.d.). Saporito (2016) narrates the Yeti Coolers story as it was started in 2005 by Ryan Seiders and his brother Roy Seiders as a way to provide premium coolers at a premium price. Much of the initial business garnered by the brothers was from trade shows and rod and reel type vendors (Saporito, 2016). As the Yeti brand grew, the brothers realized that the company needed businesses expertise and logistic connections that they did not quite possess, this fact convinced them to sell a majority position to Cortec Group (Saporito, 2016). The addition of an experienced leader comes just in time as the explosive growth of the Yeti brand has coincided with enormous sales, that topped $468.9M in 2015 (Clarke, 2016). With the guidance of an industry expert and the expansion into soft coolers and drinkware, Yeti is positioned as an industry leader in the premium cooler and drinkware trade.
The Old Four P’s
Congruent with the old marketing mix Four Ps, marketing professionals found themselves focused on product, place, promotion, and price (Kotler & Keller, 2014). Kotler and Keller (2014) develop on what product represents in the marketing mix, as the ...

... middle of paper ...

...ter views the consumer as a whole person as well as how internal employees hold a stake in the company’s image. Marketers must avoid falling into an arranged way of forming their marketing decisions, this is where process comes into play (Kotler & Keller, 2014). One must ensure that they do not fall into a formed model and ensure they leave room for creativity. Concluding the Four P’s are programs and performance. Programs are a summation of the former Four P’s, it’s a way of looking at all capabilities available to accomplish a firms marketing goals (Kotler & Keller, 2014). Performance leads a marketing professional to review the effects their message has had on a company, both financially and nonfinancial (Kotler & Keller, 2014). Accordingly, a message must be both efficient enough to garner sales but also send a responsible and refined message to the market.

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