Essay on Auto Ethnography Scrapbook On A Health Or Biomedical Controversy

Essay on Auto Ethnography Scrapbook On A Health Or Biomedical Controversy

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Khalil, 1
Marja, Khalil
SOCS 1801

Auto-ethnography scrapbook on a health or biomedical controversy
When someone tells you they have experienced something "life changing" what lingers through your mind? Mine is November 10, 2010 12:04pm; This was the first 24 hour period when my mother’s ability to act single-handedly on her health became theoretical; Failing to recall whether she took her pills in the morning was no longer acceptable. My mother had undergone a surgery due to various cancerous cells that grew in both her thyroids. Having removed the right and left side, doctors informed her after this procedure she must consume two white pills everyday, for the rest of her life. The purpose of these pills where to mimic the functions her thyroids would have accomplished on a daily basis. Was it my mothers fault her body lapsed on her? When did health [a necessity to life] become a commodity? Due to my mother’s frustration, I have explored a controversy that hits close home; The capitalization on life saving medications.
In order for a clear-cut issue to be feasibly noticed as a political debate it must be verified as a "controversy". It must exemplify reasonable disputes and elucidate as a: “disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated.” Thus; The price gauging of life saving medication has evolved into a prominent issue that has diffused universally. The controversy at hand claims an unethical acceptance by health officials on such medications which are widely accepted as a norm to humanity. As generations progress into a more paranoiac society, enlightened by the conceptual conspiracy with regards to “signs becoming symptoms.” A large

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tendency to medicalize everythi...

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... have maximum rents set at or below the average market rent. We elevate situations in order to help society, but it is legal and promoted by health officials that we increase life saving medication to a precent majority of people cannot afford? This is inevitably what is assisting in their suicide, these average income families have no way of accessing essentials they need.

Information for my small assignment

-What is the particular health controversy you are discussing?

"S. 296-112" Introduced in Senate [February 7, 2011]
“Preserving Access to Life-Saving Medications Act.
…amends the Federal food, drug and cosmetic Act to require a prescription drug manufacturer to notify the secretary of Health and Human Services [HHS] of a discontinuance, interruption, or other adjustment of the manufacture of the drug that would likely result in a shortage of such drug.”

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