Australia And Australian Electoral System Essay

Australia And Australian Electoral System Essay

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Bennett, S., & Lundie, R. (2007). Australian Electoral Systems. Retrieved October 21, 2015.

This Government of Australia research paper explains the three different types of electoral systems Australia have once used during elections, as well as their current electoral system. Australia has used a first past the post system that Canada uses, a proportional representation system and their current preferential voting system. For each of these systems, the authors explain the electoral process of each system, along with each system’s strengths and weaknesses. The paper praises the success of the preferential voting system in Australian elections. This information will be extremely helpful in understanding the implications of using a preferential system. Seeing the Canadian and Australian government are very similar (they both use a parliamentary government system), we can use this information found in making predictions over the success of an alternate voting system not currently used by Canada.

Calloway, G. (2011, March 25). Harper Government Falls in Historic Commons Showdown. The Globe and Mail. Retrieved October 21, 2015.

The article published by Canadian press agency The Globe and Mail reported a vote of no confidence in the Canadian House of Commons. The article gives background information about why the election was called two years early. The Conservative government, led by Stephen Harper was guilty of “contempt of Parliament” for not disclosing information needed by opposition leaders to make informed decisions over policies to be passed in the Senate. In addition there are comments in the article from both the Liberal and Conservative leaders over what the next steps will be for Canada. Firstly, another election will be ...

... middle of paper ... System: Background Paper. 1-28. Retrieved October 21, 2015, from University of Toronto Libraries.

This paper goes into great detail over the individual aspects of running an election in Canada, including the roles of Elections Canada in all three types of elections: municipal, provincial and federal. The authors of the article argue that the Canadian parliamentary system is “a fragile thing”. As a result, any changes to the Canadian parliamentary components, including new election reform, may cause unforeseen problems. This article explains very well the complexities of the Canadian electoral system. Although the system is complex, separate government entities keep the system closely regulated. The article is an important piece of evidence in proving that the Canadian election system is sound and constantly evolving in response to new challenges and circumstances.

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